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Why Work with a SmartVestor Pro?

Why Work with a SmartVestor Pro?

We believe that financial planning is about more than just investing. We work with you to make sure you understand every step of the process. Whether you are working through one of Dave’s 7 Baby Steps or just getting started, we are here to help.

The benefits of working with a SmartVestor Pro advisor include:

  • A holistic approach. A good financial advisor is going to do more than pick which investments you should invest in. They are going to fit your investments into your life, consider tax implications, changes in legislation and educate you so you’ll understand what you’re investing in and why. If the market corrects one day and you decide to pull all your investments out, you can ruin the goals you’ve worked hard to achieve. Since buying high and selling low is a bad plan, an investing pro will remind you why you’re investing and encourage you to stick with your long-term goals.

  • Experience. We believe everyone deserves access to solid, professional investing guidance. We have earned our position as SmartVestor Pros because of our experience in the industry and our drive to help others.

  • High standards. With a SmartVestor Pro, you know for sure that you’re getting the same type of advice that Dave Ramsey would give. You can trust SmartVestor Pros because Dave has a 20-person team that works with every SmartVestor Pro to make sure they meet your standards and give you great advice. You can feel comfortable talking with a SmartVestor Pro because each one of them has the heart of a teacher.

  • Accountability. Every SmartVestor Pro’s performance is evaluated monthly to make sure you get the best advisor possible. Also, you have a chance to grade the SmartVestor Pro you work with based on your personal experience through a survey provided by Dave Ramsey.

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